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The Butch Reynolds Care for Kids Foundation is a non-profit national youth program that promotes the importance of education among  future athletes by providing support, wisdom and training that will develop a firm understanding as well as a strong interest in the spirit of Track and Field. The importance of education, humanistic values, sportsmanship and the respect for as well as others are core objectives, stressed to build a well-rounded athlete.

The program has reached over 10,000 children and continues to grow as the positive outcomes are inspiring families and neighborhoods to explore the after school programs, camps and clinics that encourage self-respect and conflict resolution in children who are susceptible to violent juvenile crimes, substance abuse and poor academic performance.

Students will build skills based on a training schedule that highlights focus on the body as a whole. Nutrition, physical fitness, and a positive mindset are keys to unlocking a balanced, holistic, healthy life. The Butch Reynolds Care for Kids Foundation fosters a sense of achievement by motivating young people to excel and “Stay on Track”.